Naren makes Shashank’s parents agree for Mansi’s marriage in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta

Naren halts the court decision and requests the judge to let him speak out his confusions or per se evidence. He tells about his four confusion. 1. He submits 2 receipts of Raunaq’s bracelet and says one is brought by him one day prior to his marriage and the other is brought by Kinnari after the wedding day. 2. He shows Mansi’s hairs which he got on Raunaq’s wedding attire and also submits the DNA report confirming it as Mansi’s hairs. 3. Ghamsham (Soham’s friend) testimony against Raunaq and says he saw him climbing down from the hotel window and the pipe on that night. 4. He submits Raunaq’s photo which was clicked accidently. Those photos shows Raunaq in the background and that proves him to to be there at the time.

Naren tells the court that these are the four confusion or evidence which are bothering him. Judge is surprised with his wit and honesty. She sentenced Raunaq for 10 years of imprisonment for raping Mansi. Ankita and Mansi are happy. Naren slaps Raunaq for doing such a shameless thing. Naren solves the court case.

Ankita and Naren go to their respective houses. Sunanda slaps Kinnari for supporting Raunaq in his shameless crime. Kinnari asks to be helpless and says she thought about her parents and family. Naren assures her that she can live there being his sister. He tells Sunanda that he is going to bring Ankita back home and plays a welcome. Ankita on the other side tells Mansi that she is going to meet Naren sir. She feels bad as she talked with him rudely and doubted his intentions. Naren and Ankita leave from their homes. Naren comes to Soham’s house for Ankita whereas Ankita comes to Karmarkar’s house. Sunanda stops her and asks her to wait outside until Naren comes. Naren comes back and welcomes Ankita with all the grah pravesh rituals. Ankita gets emotional and recalls their marriage day.

Archana and Manav plan to come to India for Purvi’s marriage. Pushti says, she will also come but Neena asks her to stay in Canada and concentrate on studies. They ask Pari to attend the wedding but she politely refuses. Ovi gets bailed from the police station and reads the letter sent by Pia. Pia writes to her that she is going for an assignment. Ovi thinks Pia is definitely hiding something. Naren and Ankita come closer to each other. Ankita starts falling for him. They spend some cute moments together.

Manav tells Archana that he hired a chef to prepare the special dinner for her birthday. Archana says, I don’t like the cook. I likes to prepare the food for my family. Manav insists her to try the chef once. Pia comes as a chef and introduces herself as Priya. She prepares everyone’s favorite dishes. None of the family members turn for the dinner which makes Archana and Manav feel bad. They get upset thinking about their time in India. They plan to settle in India after Purvi’s marriage. Pia asks them to have dinner. Archana refuses. Pia makes her eat. Archana gets emotional and hires her. She brings the cake which she made for Archana’s birthday.

Ovi calls Pia. Pia tells her that she is hired by the good Indian family and praises them. Ovi thinks Pia is definitely hiding something. Pia thinks to unite the family. Ovi is distributing clothes to the poor on Archana’s birthday. Soham passes by. Ovi sees him but doesn’t identify. Soham comes to the temple and prays for Archana’s safety and happiness.

Soham comes to Karmarkar’s house and returns the money to Naren. Naren and Ankita come to Mansi’s house. Mansi tells him that she can’t marry Shashank as his parents are against the marriage. Naren is shocked to know about it. Mansi says to Shashank that she will marry him if his parents agree. Pia tries to make bond with the family members. She starts with Neena and thinks she shall make her right. She helps her in selecting the saree and even gets a apple vinegar for her skin.

Naren gets an idea. He brings Media outside Shashank’s house. He tells the reporters that these people referring to Shashank’s parents have accepted Mansi after the rape incident. He says, we needs a change in society’s mindset and these people are initiating the change by accepting Mansi for their son. Shashank’s family doesn’t have any option than to agree. Shashank tells the media that he is ready to marry Mansi. Naren tells Ankita that they have agreed because of Media pressure and one day they will accept Mansi. Stay tuned to watch more on Naren and Ankita front or keep reading Pavitra Rishta.

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