Zoya still finding clues about her father, Humera and Haider get married in Zee TV’s Qubool Hai

It is finally revealed that it was Tanveer who is sending the photo pieces of Mamu to Zoya to make her restless and worried. Razia gets suspicious about Gaffur and thinks he is the one sending the clues to Zoya which will her to him. Zoya comes to the store room. Razia follows her and eyes a knife. She is about to stab Zoya but then stops as Zoya called someone to stop the game. Zoya sees the envelope containing her father’s smeared photo. Razia is about to stab her again but then stops seeing the smeared photo. Zoya feels bad. Razia wonders who is behind all this clues. Tanveer comes and tells her that she was the one who is leaving the clues for Zoya. She shows Mamu’s photo to her and says she didn’t send it to Zoya thinking about her. Zoya cries miserably as she couldn’t know about her father. Asad and Dilshaad console her and says one day she will meet her father. Zoya says, she has no one who is related to her by blood. Asad assures her that they
will find her father soon.

Gaffur meets a Peer baba and asks him to pray for his daughter. He says, he wishes to meet his daughter but stops himself because of his past crimes. Haider overhears him talking to Peer baba. Mamu tells him that his daughter is Zoya. Haider is shocked and thinks of his moments with Chutki aka Zoya. He thinks to tell Zoya and gets happy. Tanveer tells Razia that it was her motive to take revenge from Razia. Razia wants to befriends with her. Tanveer smirks and thinks her trap is falling in place. Tanveer says, will she believes her if she dies. Zoya says yes and asks her to die and confirm her statement.

Zoya thinks to know about her father from Tanveer. She calls her name. Tanveer comes out and hides Mamu’s pic under ths sofa. She tells her that she is not aware of her father. She herself don’t know about him. She says, she showed her the grave to get her tensed but now she has changed and become a good soul. She acts goody goody, Zoya is still unconvinced. Razia sees the drama and smirks.

Haider decides not to tell the secret about her father to Zoya as it will spoiled the relations and might hurt Zoya. He thinks, Mamu is guilty of his parents. Nikhat tells Sameer that butter has so many calories and eating the calories is not less than a crime for our own body. Farhan too supports Nikhat, irking Sameera. Later Nikhat teases Farhan romantically. Humera gives the ultimatum to Haider and asks him to talk to her father regarding their marriage. Haider promises her to talk to Gaffur before the deadline 8 pm.

Tanveer goes to the dining table and cuts in vein. Everyone are shocked including Zoya. Dilshaad rushes to her. Tanveer gets unconscious. Nikhat tries to get close to Farhan for taking the revenge. Sameer is hurt to see their closeness. Tanveer wakes up and finds Zoya sitting calmly on the sofa. Zoya reminds her that she is a trained nurse and she knows that she pretends to commit suicide. She says, she will make her die for sure. Tanveer is aghast. Zoya tells her about the deal and says she will forgive her if she tells about her father. Tanveer acts innocent and says this deal is not worthy. She asks Zoya to give Asad to her and know her father’s name. Zoya is shocked. She reminds her of her failed attempts to get Asad and says Asad is just her husband. Tanveer replies that she knows that they have not consummated the marriage and asks her to decide between her father and husband.

Haider comes to talk to Mamu about his marriage with Humera. Humera sees them from a distance. He provokes him to agree for marriage or get ready to see the worst side of his and he will circulate Humera’s intimacy pics with him. Humera thinks he is pleading with him. Mamu couldn’t able to take it, slaps him hard. Humera goes inside crying. Zoya rejects the deal and promises Tanveer that she will find her father soon. She says, she will have the Valima with her father attending the function. Tanveer is shocked. Zoya tells Asad that they will overcome all the troubles.

Sameera confronts Farhan for his closeness with Nikhat’s look alike. Farhan says, she is over reacting. Sameera warns him saying it is trap laid by Nikhat. Farhan rubbishes her doubts. Razia asks Mamu to go to Tanveer. Mamu says, none of his wives support him. He says, he is paying for the crime that she has committed. Razia gets annoyed thinking he is accusing her.

Tanveer fills Zoya’s room with water and unpluck the wire from the circuit box. Zoya comes in and is shocked. She jumps on the bed to save herself from being electrocuted. She calls Asad and asks him not to step on the water. Asad leaves the room as he tries to find the solution. Tanveer is happy that her plan succeeded as Asad and Zoya will not be able to spend today’s night also together. Asad gets the wooden stick and takes out the loose wires from the water. Zoya tells Asad that it happened because of negligency. She feels pity for Tanveer for her cheap tactics. Zoya pulls the carpet under Tanveer’s legs making her fall on the ground. Tanveer thinks Zoya is upto something.

Humera and Haider call the priest and comes in the hall dressed as a bride and groom. Humera asks Mamu to agree else they will get marry outside the house. Razia tries to explain to her, but Humera is adamant to ruin her life. Farhan sends Sameera with Haseena and feels happy thinking he is alone with Khushboo. He comes to Nikhat and starts flirting with her. Nikhat too flirts with him. He shows her the perfume bottle and sprays it. Nikhat tells him that she is allergic to perfumes reminding him of Nikhat. She then tells him to leave her alone for sometime and she will be fine soon.

Razia tells Mamu to stop the marriage. Mamu stands helpless. Priest asks Haider about his parent’s name. Haider tells his parents’ name. Razia is shocked that his parents are killed in the doll factory 17 years back. Haider and Humera get married. Haider thinks, his revenge is partially fulfilled. What will haider do now to take revenge from Mamu? Will Zoya get to know about her father being Mamu? Stay tuned to know the answers.

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