Shivani saves Raghu by giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation in Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se

There was a high intensity drama in Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori se as Raghu performed the deadly stunt to save Maliksaa’s employee Govindji’s son. When Shivani comes to know about Raghu performing the stunt, she rushes to him but the time she reaches him Raghu had already performed the stunt. She gets stunned and shocked. Raghu falls in the pool. Swimmers jump and take him out of the swimming pool. Raghu gets conscious as he doesn’t know swimming. Shivani tells him to open his eyes. Bella and Baburaam are shocked. Some people suggest Shivani to give him mouth to mouth respiration as the water has blocked his wind pipe or take him to the hospital. Shivani decides to give him mouth to mouth respiration as taking him hospital will take lot of time and it may be risky for Raghu.

Raghu gets conscious. Everyone are shocked by Shivani’s attempt to save Raghu. People standing there praise Shivani for saving Raghu’s life. Bella and Baburaam accuse her for compelling Raghu to take this serious step. Shivani pleads innocence and asks for forgiveness. Baburaam tells her that she might be jealous of him as he is the owner of the half property but truth is that he refused to take Maliksaa’s money. Shivani is shocked to know that Raghu declined to take the money and decided to transfer his money on her name. She thinks she misunderstood Raghu and feels guilty. Raghu supports Shivani infront of his family and says she is innocent. Shivani is moved by his goodness and truthfulness. Shivani decides to guard Raghu against the troubles coming his way.

Raghu and Shivani come to meet Govindji’s son. Govindji is happy that Raghu is safe and alive. Shivani promises Govindji to take care of the hospital bill. Shivani gets Raghu’s bandage done by the nurse. Govindji thanks Raghu and says his son’s operation is successful. Raghu is happy that all the misunderstandings are cleared and now Shivani knows the truth. Police comes and arrests Raghu on the charges of theft at Shivani’s house. Shivani rushes to the police station and tries to free him but in vain. Bella and Lata get angry on Shivani as she is the one who filed the FIR against him. Lata tells her that she couldn’t trust her anymore. Shivani comes to the bank and asks the manager to show her CCTV footage.

Bank Manager shows her CCTV footage and Shivani is shocked to know that it was Mahima who trapped Raghu. She comes to the police station and gives the proofs. Raghu is freed from the police station. Mahima comes home and slaps Mahima. Mahima tells her that it was their plan and Aunty and Jazz are equally with her. Shivani is shocked to know everything. Mahima and Aunty tell her everything how they created misunderstandings between her and Raghu. She decides to throw them out of the house. Raghu comes and asks her to let them stay here as if they leave the haveli then it may ruin Maliksaa’s name. Shivani asks them to beg forgiveness from Raghu. They don’t have any option left rather than begging for forgiveness. They sit on their knees and asks for forgiveness. Raghu forgives him but they plan to take revenge from Shivani and Raghu.

Shivani feels good after coming to know about Raghu’s truth. She starts feeling for him even though she doesn’t know about her feelings. She feels bad to behave inappropriate with him and feels sorry. Raghu says, you didn’t do anything so there is no need to apologize. Shivani comes to Raghu’s room and gives him roses. Raghu is pleased by her gesture. He sees the blood coming out from her finger and get the dressing done.

Shivani sees his bandage open and makes him sit. She does his bandage done on his head. She says, I know I did a lot of mistakes, hurt you very much, but I promises you that I will try to give you more happiness. She determines to meet Lata and asks for forgiveness from her. In the coming episode, she will come to Raghu’s house and asks for forgiveness from Lata. Well, it seems Lata will forgive her and will accept her with open arms, but the twist in the tale is Sumitra. Keep reading to know more about this show update.

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