Naren and Pari are drifting apart after the latter losing the baby, Mansi delivers a baby girl, Ankita prays for Naren’s happiness in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Ranvijay gifts a photo frame of Ankita and Naren to Ankita. Ankita gets touched by his gesture and thanks him. Naren suffers loss in the business and loses the clients. He holds himself responsible for Pari’s baby death. Rushaali suggests him to take Pari to a good gynaec. Naren and Pari go to the gynaecologist. She prescribes her some medicines and asks her to continue the treatment for 3 months. Ankita writes her heart out in her diary. Ankita’s 9th month is nearing completion. Panditji’s wife thinks to get her admitted in the hospital when the time comes. Doctor checks Pari’s report and tells them that she can’t conceive again. Pari and Naren get disheartened.

Naren’s company gets shut down. He gets frustated. Pari looks at the toys and cries. Naren tries to console her. Pari holds him responsible for losing the child. Manav tells Naren to understand Pari’s pain and take care of her. Manav offers to help Naren in his business. Naren refuses. Archana asks Pari to stop accusing Naren as he would never hurt his child intentionally. Pari tells her that she is feeling empty inside. She tells them that she wants to join Manav’s business. Archana and Manav agrees.

Prashant calls Manav and tells him that Mansi gave birth to a baby girl. Manav and Archana get happy while Pari gets sad. Pari gets rude towards Naren and their relationship starts to stain. Ankita and Ranvijay speak about their respective life partners. Archana, Manav and Teju come to see Mansi’s baby. Shashank tells Mansi that the baby is replica of her.

Everyone gather at Archana and Manav ‘s marriage anniversary. Archana and Manav reminiscences their marriage rituals. Pari congrats Mansi and Shashank for their new born. She tells Mansi that she doesn’t know who cursed her, Ankita or her. She says, her life is ruined. Mansi is shocked at her thinking. Rushaali asks Pari to talk to Manav about the business. Manav reads the speech for his wife. Manav asks Teju to play the video which shows their journey from the start. Archana gets emotional. They cut their anniversary cake and distributes to the guests.

Naren gets flashes of Ankita in black and white. He thinks who is she? Pari asks Manav to convince his investors to invest in Naren’s company. Manav gives her Naren’s company papers and tells her that Naren sold the company and he brought it. He gives the company back to Naren, but Naren refuses to accept. Ankita calls to talk to Archana, Sonu picks the call. Ankita disconnects the call and gets emotional. Manav asks Naren to take the papers back when he feels like. Pari fights with Naren and tells him to take Manav’s offer. She tells him that she will start working to support their needs.

Teju takes care of Manav while Archana is away on a business trip. Naren decides to work in Manav’s office. Pari and Naren get ready. She apologizes Naren for her rude behavior. Ankita asks Ranvijay’s mum about Divya’s death. Rushaali tells Shirish that they can’t see their son budging to the fate and tells him that they have to use their intelligence and get Manav’s help.

Pari informs Manav that Sachin opened a new firm with the company’s money. Manav gets angry and dismisses him from the company. Sachin tells him that he didn’t do anything wrong and says he will get his share in the property anyhow. Naren asks Pari, why did she lie for the project. Pari tells him that it is a business. Manav tells Teju about Sachin opening a firm from company’s money. Neena asks her kids to pack the bags. Manav and Teju comes. Manav tells Sachin that he would have informed him before opening a firm. Sachin badmouths about Ankita. Manav gets angry, but controls his anger. He asks them not to leave.

Mansi calls Shashank and asks him to come for the naming ceremony of their baby. He tells her that he went to cover some coverage. Mansi says ok. Manav gets impressed and praises her. Manav speaks to Naren and tells him that everything will be fine between Pari and him. He gets an attack suddenly. Naren and Teju take him to the hospital. Doctor tells Naren that he wants to do some tests on Manav as he suspects heart problem. Naren asks him to go ahead. Doctor asks him to take care of Manav.

Manav talks to everyone after gaining consciousness. He tells Naren to handle Sachin’s project and asks whether the tender is ready. Pari lies saying it is ready. Pari asks Naren, who brought Manav to the hospital. Naren says he took him here. Pari says good as it will be advantageous for their business. Naren gets shocked at her selfish thinking. He tells her that it was his duty to take him to the hospital. He thinks to make Pari realize her mistake.

Naren makes pizza for Pari and imagines her around him. Meanwhile she is seen in a meeting with a client. Mansi and Shashank have some romantic moments. Shashank brings cradle, toys etc for their baby. Pari comes back home. Naren asks her, if she is drunk? Pari asks him not to behave like a typical husband. She tells him about her meeting with a rival’s employee. Naren tells her that it is unethical. She tells him what matters is success. She says, she doesn’t like to eat Pizza anymore. Keep reading.

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