Raghu gets his house back from Sumitra, Raghu and Shivani unite to be one, Gini finds a match in Karan marking the end of the show Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

In Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, Sumitra puts a condition infront of Raghu and asks him to marry her to get his house back. She even calls the Panditji and asks Raghu to sign on the divorce papers and marry her. Raghu tears the divorce papers and pours water on the havan kund. Raghu tells her that his marriage with Shivani is not a joke and he will never leave Shivani at any cost. Shivani gets happy. Shivani tells Raghu that they have to do something to get their house back from Sumitra and everything is fair in love and war. They keep their hand on Geeta and takes an oath to get the house.

Raghu gives the palki to Shivani which he brought for her wedding. Shivani gets moved and happy. They determine to get the house. Lata, Baburaam and Vivek come back home after buying veggies. Sumitra scolds them for buying veggies at costly rate and asks Raghu to grow the vegetables at the backyard. Raghu refuses to work for her. Sumitra orders him to work. Raghu and all his family members start working and digging the backyard. Raghu finds something. Shivani tells him that it is an antique piece and worth in lakhs. Sumitra gets greedy and asks Shivani to call the archaeologist to know its price.

Raghu calls someone and he examines the articles and tells Sumitra that it is worth 1 lakh rs. Karan comes indisguise of Mr. Clinton, an architect. He tells Sumitra to sign on the papers. Sumitra gets angry. It was Raghu and Shivani’s plan to get the house from Sumitra. Sumitra rejects Clinton’s offer. Clinton gives her offer of 50 Lakhs rupees. Sumitra gets surprised as she was expecting 10-15 lakhs from the govt. She readily accepts the offer.

Shivani tells Raghu that Gini still loves Karan and asks him to help her in uniting them. Rupesh realizes his mistakes and tells Bella that he wants to take care of her and Nishi. He asks her to come to his house. Lata asks Bella to go to her inlaws’ place. Bella agrees. Karan gives 50 Lakh rupees cheque to Sumitra. He tells her that it is a govt cheque and needs no signature. She goes to the bank to encash it. Raghu and Karan go to registrar office to get the house back on Baburaam’s name.

Sumitra comes home angrily and asks Clinton how dare he is to give her fake cheque. She is shocked to see Karan. Baburaam tells her that her greed had drown her. He tells her that it was Shivani’s plan to get the house. Sumitra tries to strangle Shivani, but Raghu saves her and asks Sumitra to leave their house. Sumitra plans to kill Shivani. Baburaam asks Sumitra to stay at their house as a servant. Sumitra serves food to them. Baburaam jokes on her and everyone laugh. Lata and Shivani ask him not to joke. Shivani sees Karan and Gini looking at each other.

Shivani comes to Karan and tells him that Gini loves him very much. She asks him to marry Gini and shows the diary written by Gini. Karan agrees to marry Gini and takes the elders’ blessings. Bella makes Raghu realize his love for Shivani and asks him to confess his love to Shivani. Sumitra messages Shivani from Raghu’s phone asking her to come to the terrace. Shivani goes there. Raghu sees the messages and goes to the terrace. Sumitra is about to push Shivani, but Raghu calls her at the right time and Sumitra falls. Raghu and Shivani saves her. Sumitra realizes her mistake and apologizes to Shivani.

Lata and Baburaam ask Sumitra to stay at their house as she has changed now. Raghu proposes Shivani with a rose and says he loves her a lot and wants to be with her in all their lives. Shivani happily hugs him. Shivani replies that she loves him a lot and will love him forever. All the family members are happy seeing them united. This show ended happily with Shivani and Raghu’s union.

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