Sid buys rings for Pratima and Roshini; Roshini sees Sid and Pratima together and gets doubtful; DD plans to expose Sid in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

In Jamai Raja, DD asks Sid to organize garba party for her clients. Sid agrees and hosts Garba event. He thanks DD for believing him. Gurmeet Chaudhary performs in the party. Nani asks DD to announce about her and Roshni’s performance. DD says she will happily celebrates once Sid separates from Roshini. Nani gets annoyed. Nani prays for Sid and Roshni’s long relationship and says he will unite our family. Sid tries to speak Roshni, but she is still angry and ignores him. Sid says his life is incomplete without Roshni and thanks her for coming in his life. Sid and Roshni dance on the song. Sid apologizes her again during dancing and they both hug each other happily. She thanks him for completing her.

DD sees Pratima signalling Sid to speak to her. Sid gives mangalsutra to Pratima, wipes her tears and consoles her by hugging her. DD is shocked and thinks to expose Sid infront of Roshini. Naani announces DD and Roshni’s garba dance, but DD does not come to dance. Roshni sadly looks at DD. DD thinks she has to get Sid’s reality in front of Roshini and get her separated from Sid. Japanese interpretor congrats DD for locking the deal. Japanese clients thank DD and leave. Roshini realizes that Sid is behaving weirdly as he leaves for office in a hurry. Pratima tries a ring at DD’s jewellery store. DD sees Sid with her. DD offers 50% diwali discount to her employees.

Sid promises to gift that ring to Pratima. DD thinks she will expose him in front of Roshni now as Sid buys a cheap ring for Roshini and costly one for Pratima. Resham shows the ring to Nani which Kesar brought on discount. She tells them that Sid brought diamond ring for Roshini. She gets happy. Sid comes home and sees Roshini dressed in a beautiful gown. She takes out gifts and sees two rings. Sid lies to her saying one ring is of his client. He thinks he would not have lied if Pratima take it home. Roshini looks at Pratima’s ring. Sid tells her that he can’t buy costly ring. Roshini thanks him while DD gets angry.

Roshini comes to Sid’s office and sees Pratima and Sid talking holding each other’s hand. She gets shocked. She sees ring in Pratima’s finger and questions Sid. Sid asks her to call his client and ask if he gave this ring or not or else go herself. Roshni hugs him and says apologizes for doubting him. DD thinks to expose Sid’s illegal affair with Pratima to Roshni. Later Roshini informs Sid that she have to wear red saree on Karwachauth day as asked by Simran. Sid says he will help her. Sid calls Prashanth and asking him to arrange a romantic dinner for him. Resham informs DD about Sid’s romantic dinner. Roshini sees the file and comes to know that Sid brought 2 rings.

Roshni reaches DD’s jewelry store and asks employee about Sid. Roshini gets angry as Sid’s phone was with Pratima. Roshini comes home and thinks why is Sid lying repeatedly. Nani gives complimentary 5 star hotel passes to Roshini and asks her to dine with Sid. Pratima asks Sid to tell Roshini about them. Nani calls Sid and asks him to come home. Sid tells him that he is busy. Nani asks Roshini to come with her. Roshni comes to 5 star hotel with Nani. She sees Pratima and Sid there. Roshni comes in front of Sid and he gets tensed. Pratima hides. He says he got Nani’s call, so he came here to surprise her. They have dinner and come back home. All the family members try to wake up Roshini as it was her first karwachauth. Simran comes with Sargi and asks Roshini to get ready.

They have sargi early morning. Simran and Raj give her bangles. Roshni requests Simran to stay with her till evening. Roshini doubts on Sid. DD gets irked and thinks Roshini is keeping fast for her betraying husband. Nani reminds her that she kept the fast too. Roshini shares her concern with Mona, who asks her to confront her husband. Roshini leaves. Kesar organises lunch party for the employees. Sid and Pratima do not eat anything. Sid tells Pratima that he is fasting and asks her to meet him at the temple. She asks him to safeguard their secret. DD hears their conversation and thinks her daughter is fasting for this loafer and he is enjoying with another girl. Nani arranges feast for karvachath fast. Roshini comes wearing red saree. DD calls and says she has changed karvachauth venue to temple and says it is Roshni’s first fast and that’s why she wants to make it a grand affair. DD asks Sid to accompany her to the Karwachauth fast venue. Sid understands her plan. Keep reading.

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