Arjun and Purvi come back to make Pari realize her mistake; Naren and Ankita get married; Archana and Manav dies and their soul unites in heaven marking the end of the show.

In Pavitra Rishta, Ankita sits for her haldi ceremony. Pari asks her to marry Ranvijay instead of Naren. Ranvijay gets to read Ankita’s diary and comes to know that Ankita loves Naren. Naren comes to Ankita’s room and gifts her black saree. They share a romantic moment. Pari comes there and sees them together. She taunts Ankita. Ankita tells her that she knows that she brainwashed Ranvijay. Rushaali talks to Ranvijay and confesses to her crimes. Ranvijay thinks he should not do a mistake. Vaishnavi asks him to let Ankita marry Naren as Ashi needs her more than her.

While during function, Ankita tells Ranvijay that she can’t marry him as she loves only Naren. Ranvijay gets happy for Ankita as she has spoken her heart out. He gives her hand in Naren’s hand and asks her to keep her happy. He tells that Naren came to meet him in the morning and thanked him for taking care of her. Ranvijay tells Ankita that Pari tried to influence him against Naren, but couldn’t be successful. Ankita thanks Ranvijay. Naren holds Ankita’s hand and takes her to complete the rituals. Pari gets irked. Rushaali taunts her.

Naren bends down and gives his hand to Ankita. They dance on the song and look at each other lovingly. In the night Naren comes to Ankita and promises to be with her all their life. Ankita hugs him. Neelima consoles Ranvijay as he sacrificed for Ankita’s happiness. Pari gets sad and misses her parents Arjun and Purvi. She talks to Purvi’s pic. Naren comes to Ankita’s room and gives her morning tea. Ashi comes and hugs Ankita. Pari offers to help Sachin and Neena financially and asks them to help her in stopping Naren and Ankita’s marriage. Sachin refuses saying he has realized goodness of Ankita and asks her to mend her ways. Neena thinks Sachin is right.

Rushaali apologizes to Ankita. Savita teases her. Ankita sits for her mehendi rituals. Teju asks the mehendi designer to write Naren’s hand on Ankita’s hand. Pari comes there and drinks wine. She then tries to kill Ankita using wine bottle. Naren pulls Ankita making Pari fall on the ground. Arjun and Purvi come there and witness the scene. Pari tells them that they are dead for her. She asks them to leave her alone. Everyone get elated to see Arjun and Purvi and they know about their demise. Arjun tells them that they have survived plane crash, but they didn’t inform because of Purvi’s health. Archana meets her daughter and gets happy. Purvi asks Archana about Pari’s behavior.

Arjun meets Pari and tries to console her. Pari doesn’t want to listen to him. She adds that he did injustice to her and her mother and says it does not make any difference if he comes back or not. Arjun tells Pari that he knows that he was not there for her when she needed, but he and Purvi missed her every moment of life. She asks him to leave. Purvi thinks to talk to Pari. Naren brings Soham to the marriage Venue. Ankita gets happy and shows him Ashi. Ashi calls him Azooba. Soham gets happy and says he knew that his daughter can’t do anything wrong. Purvi, Teju, Soham and Ovi unite with each other. Even Sachin apologizes to Soham and make up.

Neena asks Sachin why he is increasing members in property share. Sachin warns her to mend her ways else he will divorce her. Neena thinks she has been selfish and realizes her inlaws’ goodness. Ankita and Naren’s marriage ceremony starts. Pari switches off the lights and smirks. Purvi sees Pari in a store room and asks what is she doing here. Pari refuses to reply. Purvi says Naren’s happiness is with Ankita and she should let him free. She requests her to forgive Naren. Pari realizes her mistake. Pari tells that may be Naren was never mine that’s why we couldn’t get along and our child couldn’t come in this world. She hugs her mum.

Ankita and Naren sit for their marriage rituals. Pari eyes the chandelier. It falls near Ankita. Everyone gets tensed. Pari accepts to have done the accident and apologizes to Ankita. Ankita forgives her. Purvi talks to Arjun about Pari. Arjun asks her to be happy. He gets romantic and puts his hand around her shoulder.Savita sees them romancing and gets happy. She blesses them. Ankita is in the room and thinks about Naren. Naren asks her to open the door. Ankita reminds him that they aren’t married yet.

Teju takes Ankita for Pre marriage event. Zee stars gives a wonderful dance performance and some actors even act for the show’s last episode. Teju and Ovi performs on the song. Teju and Ovi show Naren and Ankita’s first marriage pics and their cute moments on the projector Everyone get happy to see it. Ankita gets emotional while Naren cheers her up. Ankita and Naren imagine dancing on the song Suno Na Sangemarmar Se……………….Purvi and Arjun dance on the song Chand Chupa Badal Me…………..and also on the song Ram Chahe Leela Chahe………

Ankita and Naren exchange garlands and sit for their marriage rituals. Panditji does their gatbandhan and they start taking pheras/rounds. Everyone shower flower petals on them while mantras is being played in the background. Everyone looks happily. Naren fills Ankita’s maang with vermillion and ties mangalsutra around her neck. Sunanda tells them that Archana and Rushaali are waiting for them. Archana gets a call. She gets shocked and dies. Soham takes the call and informs the family that Manav met with an accident on the way to Dubai Airport. Everyone cry. Archana’s soul meets with Manav’s soul in heaven and speaks about their Pavitra Rishta. The show ended.

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